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IMG_1525.JPGIMG_3144.JPGDylan Roes over the Unadilla SkyShot during the 2013 ATV NationalsIMG_3146.JPG

Congratulations to Jimmy Nieckula for winning the Outlaw race at Infinity raceway in Mancelona, MI. This was a huge win for the D&D/Hypersports team, with lots of competition.

world series 2014.jpg

Congratulations to Kelly Shilts for dominating the Lake Racer class at the 2014 World Series of Ice on Shane Wurm's 2013 XF1100 turbo.


D&D  turbo racers for 2013 summer race season.

I would like to recognize a few of the racers that have been responsible for the fantastic 2013 summer race season. Here is a list of some of our more successful turbo racers and their current sleds, in alphabetical order. These guys have proven they have what it takes to win races at the professional level.

Craig Campton, (hypercraig)

  Craig is the owner of Crag Campton Hypersports. He is the primary designer of the D&D/Hypersports engine components used in every successful Arctic Cat Lake racer sled. He has owned/built many successful turbo sleds.

 Location: Arlington, WI

Sleds: 2012 XF1100t Lake Racer, “Sod Rod”, 2012 XF1100t Modstock asphalt and grass sled,


 Sod Rod Lake Racer specs:

  Driver: Kelly Shilts

  Electronics: ViPec engine controls, boost control, and data acquisition.

  Clutches: STM primary and secondary with D&D 50x4750 belt

  Engine: D&D/Hypersports engine components including stage 2 cams, cnc ported head, rods and    pistons. Precision 5558 turbo. 550+hp

  Results: #1 qualifier at haydays.

                  4.00 in 500ft grass


Switchblade specs:

  Drivers: Glenn Hall, Kelly Shilts, Tom Mathys, Anthony Mini, Jeff Marks, Walter Joy

  Electronics: Vipec engine control and data aqisition. No boost control.

  Clutches: STM primary and stock secondary with D&D DDX1100 belt

  Engine: D&D/Hypersports engine components with stock cams. Modstock turbo. ~400hp

  Results:  8.00 at 160mph ¼ mile asphalt

                 “Backyard Brawl” winner at Belvidere race.

                   4.06 122mph in 500ft grass. 3.06 109 mph in 330ft grass.



Aaron Casler, (ACoolcat)

Aaron has been successfully racing D&D improved stock and Pro Stock two strokes for years. His latest four stroke projects have been very fast.

Location: Grimes, Iowa

Sleds: 2012 XF1100t Lake Racer, “Black Mamba”, 2013 XF1100t modstock trail sled, “Grasshopper”.


Black Mamba Lake Racer specs:

  Driver: Aaron Casler

  Electronics:  Vi pec engine controls, boost control, and data acquisition.

  Clutches: Stm primary and secondary with D&D 50x4750 belt

  Engine:  D&D/Hypersports  engine components including stage 1 cams, cnc ported head, rods and  pistons. Garrett 3582 turbo

  Results: #1 qualifier at first Princeton race

                   2nd place at Haydays.

                   4.19 129mph in 500ft grass


Grasshopper  trail sled specs:

  Driver: Aaron Casler

  Electronics:  Stock ecu with D&D modstock flash, Hijacker 2.0, D&D meth injection.

  Clutches:  Stock primary and secondary with D&D drag clutch kit and D&D DDX1100 belt

  Engine: Stock with D&D/Hypersports rods and pistons. Modstock turbo. ~400hp

  Results: Numerous trail class wins at local Iowa events.



Dave Morris, (redcup)

 Dave has been racing his stock turbo at the local level for years. After missing the early season races, his Lake Racer effort has been an instant success.


 Location: Rockford, IL

 Sled: 2012 XF1100t Lake Racer, “Agent Orange”


Agent  Orange Lake Racer specs:


  Drivers: Dave Morris, Kelly Shilts

  Electronics: Vipec engine control, boost control, and data acquisition.

  Clutches: STM primary and secondary with D&D 50x4750 belt

  Engine: D&D/Hypersports engine components including stage1 cams, cnc head, rods and pistons. Precision 5558 turbo. 550+hp

  Results: #1 qualifier at Excel race in NY

                 #3 qualifier at Belvidere, IL

                 #1 qualifier and winner at Hastings, MI.

                 4.11  129mph in 500ft grass. 3.06  112 mph  330ft grass.




Doug Myers, (neversatisfied)

  Doug  is new to the Lake Racer scene, collecting a win on only his second time out. His results speak for themselves. He is the most successful  Lake Race competitor this season.


Location: Belleville, WI

Sled: 2012 XF1100t Lake Racer, “Silver Bullet”


Silver Bullet Lake Racer specs:


  Driver:  Doug Meyers

  Electronics: Vipec engine control, boost control, and data acquisition.

  Clutches: STM primary and stock secondary with D&D DDX1100 belt

  Engine: D&D/Hypersports engine components including stage1 cams, cnc head, rods and pistons. D&D/Hypersports “magic” turbo. ~500hp. This setup has been running “maxed out” for most of the season, and is now being upgraded to larger Precision turbo to take it to the next level.

  Results: #2 qualifier at first Princeton, MN race

                 #1 qualifier and winner at second Princeton, MN race

                 #2 qualifier and winner at Haydays

                 #1 qualifier and winner at Jesup, IA “Backyard Brawl” race

                 #1 qualifier and second at Belvidere, IL race

                 #2 qualifier and second at Hastings, MI

                 4.16 125mph 500ft grass. 3.00 110mph 330ft grass



Steve Ray/CoolKat racing, (katlike16)

  Jason Price has been building and racing sleds for years. His recent switch to his own customized  D&D race flash and hijacker 2.0 on CoolKat Racing’s Improved Stock turbo sled has proven very successful.


 Location: Gaylord, MI

 Sled: 2012 XF1100t Improved Stock Turbo (nameless)


CoolKat  Improved Stock Turbo specs:


  Driver: Jason Price.

  Electronics: Price customized D&D race flash with Hijacker 2.0. Prologger data acquisition.

  Clutches: STM

  Engine: Stock with high compression pistons, head studs, and adjustable cam sprockets. 300+hp

  Results: 1st place at Hastings, MI

                 4.41 110mph in 500ft grass (record)



Josh Roes

  Josh works at D&D powersports . His last minute Improved Turbo  sled has done very well.


Location: Lowville, NY

Sled: 2013 XF1100t Improved Stock Turbo “Black Beauty”


Black Beauty Improved Stock Turbo specs:


  Driver: Dylan Roes

  Electronics: Stock ecu with D&D race flash and Hijacker 2.0 (no data acquisition)

  Clutches: stock clutches with D&D race clutching and D&D DDX1100 belt

  Engine: Stock with D&D head studs. Stock turbo. 300+hp

  Results:  2nd place Haydays

                  1st place Excel, NY

                  1st place Epping, NH

                  4.51 111mph in 500ft grass



Jim Stanley, (west branch chopper)

  Jim has been a top D&D racer for 3 years. He has numerous ice and grass wins with his old Z1. The chassis is scheduled to be retired this fall. We are expecting big things from Jim’s new Procross chassis currently under construction.


Location: Medway, Maine

Sled: 2009 Z1 turbo Outlaw, (as yet not named)


Z1 Outlaw specs:


  Drivers: Trey Weymouth, Walter Joy, Tom Mathys

  Electronics: Vipec engine control, boost control, and data acquisition

  Clutches: STM primary and secondary with STM belt

  Engine: D&D/Hypersports  engine components including stage 1 cams, cnc head, stroker crank, rods and pistons. Precision 6262 turbo. 600+hp

  Results: #3 qualifier at Haydays (top 4 stroke qualifier)

                 #2  qualifier at Excel, NY (top 4 stroke qualifier)

                 #1 qualifier and winner at Hastings, MI

                  3.98 at 135mph in 500ft grass. 2.89 at 119mph in 330ft grass



Modstock turbo goes 151mph in 1000ft!
First time out on the asphalt for Craig Campton's modstock went 6.73 sec and
151mph in the 1000ft running.

D&D domination at Snow Ridge hill drags

Jeff Marks wins Pro Stock 1000 second year in a row with his D&D 1000 firecat
dale ohio.jpg 
Open Stock TOP GUN
D&D Sleds took TOP 4 spots in Qualifiing,# 1 with Jeff Marks with a E.T of 5.15 ,
Martin Gignac #2 E.T 5.18 , Ryan Dickinson #3 with a E.T. of 5.25 and Kelly Shilts
#4 with a E.T of 5.25 . In the Final it was Jeff Marks taking 1st with Kelly
Shilts a really close 2nd. Kelly also took 2nd with HIs new D&D Pro Cross 800
IMP .. Jeff Marks New D&D Pro Stock 800 Pro Cross looks to be a vary strong
runner also ,after the first round he was setting at #1 but had a .393 red light
to knock him out of the rounds.
EPPING, NH - 6 October 2012
 Sunday results=
Dylan Roes 1st 700 stock,FireCat

Dylan Roes 1st 700 Stock, muti pipe

Dylan Roes 1st 800stock xf800, 2nd Guy Breton ski-doo

Dylan Roes 1st 1000 stock XF800 , 2nd Guy Breton ski-doo , 3rd Mike Multon Cfr 1000.

Dylan ran 9 rounds with his D&D XF 800 sunday with e.t from 5.21-5.28 .

Saterday results

Dylan Roes 1st 700 stock, FireCat
Dylan Roes 1st 800 stock ,xf800
Dylan Roes 1st 1000 stock , xf800

Dylan Roes also won the best R/t award with a perfect 4.00 reaction time for the weekend !

Thanks to :
Arctic-Cat , D&D Racing, StudBoy, millennium , VP fuels,V Force, Arctic Fx, Goodheart Racing,Camoplast
SNO_BASH - Ohio, NY - 16 Sep 2012
1st 700 stock Mike Moulton -FireCat
1st 800 stock Jeff Marks -XF 800-D&D
2nd 800 Stock Dale Roes -XF 800
3rd 800 stock Ryan Dickenson -F8 D&D

1-1000 stock Dale Roes XF 800,D&D
2- 1000 stock Ryan Dickenson F8,D&D
3- 1000 stock Factory ski doo
4-1000 stock Jeff Marks XF 800

1st 800 super stock imp Jeff Marks Cfr800 D&D

2nd 800 Imp Jeff Marks Cfr 800

1st 1000 imp Jerry Menealy D&D FireCat

1st AM 800 Stock - Dylan Roes F800
1st AM 800 Super stock imp -Dylan Roes ,F8

1st 700 imp Twin = Gary Lederer FireCat

Update: Stock F1100T goes 8.38, 154.28mph!

First time out for Paul Phillips asphalt f1100t. Here is video from an early pass. This sled uses all stock turbo and engine. Just Hijacker 2.0 with race flash, DV pipe w/3" straight pipe, D&D intake  and clutching.


Here is video from the 8.38 pass,


And here is the 154 mph pass,




outlaw haydays.jpg
Photo by arcticinsider.com

As usual, D&D racers dominated the drags at haydays with multiple wins and final appearances.

Jeff Marks won the highly competitive Prostock 1000 class with his D&D Crossfire.

jeff ps1000 2011.jpg

Todd Drake won Prostock 800 with his D&D Crossfire.

todd ps800 2011.jpg
Jeff Marks got second in Prostock 800 with his D&D Firecat.
Tommy Brennan got 4th with his D&D Firecat.

Aaron Casler was second in Prostock 700.

Kelly Shilts got 2nd in Improved Stock 800 with his D&D Crossfire.

kelly is800 2011.jpg 

Kelly red lighted in the final of Stock 1000 with his 2012 F800.

kelly s800 2011.jpg

Glenn Hall was #1 qualifier in Outlaw Power Adder with top speed and et for the day with a 3.95sec at 139.8mph run. This was first time out for this heavily modified 2012 XF1100.


HASTINGS 500 Shootout - 7 Oct 2011

aaron hastings 2011.jpg

Outlaw power adder - Glenn Hall, 2012 XF1100t
Factory Mod I - Aaron Casler, Pro Stock Firecat 700
Open Stock - Kelly Shilts, 2012 F800

HASTINGS 500 - 8 Oct 2011

Jeff Marks - Pro Stock 800, Pro stock Firecat 800
Aaron Casler - Pro Stock 700, Pro Stock Firecat 700
Kelly Shilts - Improved Stock 800, Crossfire 800
Todd Drake - Improved Stock 700, Firecat
Kelly Shilts - Open stock, Stock 800, 2012 F800

Ohio Sno-Bash 
Ohio, NY
18 Sep 2011

ohio 2011.jpg

Arctic Cat's stock driver's got revenge in this much anticipated Haydays rematch. Another week of preparation by team D&D proved too much for team Yellow as Glenn Hall and Mike Moulton finished 1 - 2 in both Stock 800 and Stock 1000 atSno Bash.

Stock 700sp; Mike Moulton - 2003 F7
Stock 800: Glenn Hall - 2012 F800, Mike Moulton 2nd - 2012 XF800
Stock 1000: Glenn Hall - 2012 F800, Mike Moulton 2nd - 2012 XF800
SS Improved Stock 700: Mike Moulton - D&D powered Firecat
SS Improved Stock 800: Jason Spooner - D&D powered Rev, Mike Moulton 2nd - D&D Crossfire

TERRYVILLE, CT 23 Oct 2011

Stock 700: Mike Moulton
Open Stock: Mike Moulton

TERRYVILLE, CT 16 Oct 2011

Open Stock: Mike Moulton

NSRA - Wausau, WI

Stock 800: Kelly Shilts 2012 F800
Stock 1000: Kelly Shilts 2012 F800
Prostock 800: Todd Drake D&D Crossfire
Kelly also won the coveted WISCONSIN CUP for his overall performance at this race.

NSRA - Rochester, MN
25 Sep 2011

Stock 800: Kelly Shilts - 2012 F800
Stock 1000: Kelly Shilts - 2012 F800
Improved Stock 800: Kelly Shilts - 2010 Crossfire 800
Improved Stock 1000: Kelly Shilts - 2010 Crossfire 800
Pro Stock 800: Todd Drake - D&D Crossfire
Heavy Mod 1000: Todd Drake - D&D Firecat

NSRA - Jesup, IA 17 Sep 2011

Stock 1000: Kelly Shilts - 2012 F800
Open Stock Shootout: Kelly Shilts - 2012 F800
Improved Stock 800: Kelly Shilts - 2010 Crossfire
Improved Stock 1000: Kelly Shilts - 2010 Crossfire
Pro Stock 700: Aaron Casler - D&D Firecat
Pro Stock 800: Todd Drake - D&D Crossfire
Pro Stock 1000: Aaron Casler - On Todd's Crossfire

NSRA - Princeton, MN 28 Aug 2011

Team D&D started the grass drag season in spectacular fashion, completely dominating the Pro Stock classes at the Princeton opener with the following wins:

Prostock 700 - Aaron Casler
Prostock 800 - Todd Drake
Prostock 1000 - Todd Drake
Prostock 1000 (2nd) - Aaron Cassler on Todd's 800

Kelly Shilts collected wins in Improved Stock 800 and Improved Stock 1000
Nick Leanard won Improved Stock 700

Here is video from onboard the badest 800 in the land. This is Aaron Casler driving Todd Drake's 800, taking second place to Todd on his 1000 in the Prostock 1000 final.




Ty Free's impressive win in Improved Stock 800 made it two years in a row for D&D powered 800's.

Amy Zolinger won women's improved stock with her D&D powered hcr800.

PBSS - Cayuga Dragway - Ontario

Congratulations to Bill Anderson, for winning the Pro Bike and Sled Shootout on his Hijacker equiped Z1 turbo. He is now running 9.0's with stock engine, turbocharger, and intercooler.


SCHRA - Greak Peak, NY 4/2

Dylan Roes won the Pro Mod 800 class at the "Greak Peak" hill drags.


MSRA - Bruce, WI 3/27

Glenn Hall won the Pro Open class at the Mt Christie hill drags on the new 500+hp z1 of Mike Everson and Craig Campton. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dppBSrscy8U 


Kelly Shilts won Pro 800 on his stock CFR 800.

WRSD - Iron River, WI 3/12

Kelly Shilts dominated the Improved Stock 800 and 1000 classes with the D&D powered crossfire 800. Scott sanders won Improved Stock 700 with his D&D Firecat. Glenn Hall won the Modified Open and Improved Power Adder classes with the Magic turbo/cnc head Z1. Scott Quinones won Trail Improved 1000 with his ZR900.


MSDRA - Newport, ME 2/26

Walter Joy continued his Eastern domination with two more wins on the Z1 magic turbo sled of Jim Stanley. Stepping up his performance from the previous race, he ran a 4.723 at 142.8mph and a 4.724 at 142.4mph on his way to winning Pro Mod Power Adder and Outlaw classes.

Mike Moulton won 900 Stock with the Goodhart Racing F7 and 1000 Stock with the Goodhart Racing CFR 1000

NSSR - Chetek, WI 2/26


Mike Martin continued his domination of the Super Stock Twin class at the last speed run of the year, upping the world record to 148.1 mph on the 1000ft track in less than ideal conditions. He is running his 09 Z1 turbo with cnc head and "off the shelf" 3071 big turbo kit.


MSDRS - Walker, MN 2/26

Kelly Shilts collected wins in Improved 800 and "Minnesota Pro Mod" with his D&D powered Crossfire 800. He ran a string of 5.90's passes with a best of 5.91.

walter joy z1.jpg

KASRA - Maine State Championship. Medway, ME 2/19

Walter Joy had a fantastic showing on Jim Stanley's magic turbo z1 at the Maine State Championship, this weekend. On saturday, he qualified #1 with a 4.80 at 142.48mph in 660ft. Unfortunately, he lost in the semi final round with a redlight. On Sunday, Walter came back to win the event.

Mike Moulton won Stock 800 and Stock1000 with his CFR800

maine champ.JPG 

KASRA Medway, ME 1/23

Mike Moulton won 800 and 1000 Stock on the Goodhart Racing CFR 800 

Lake Pettenwal Outlaw Drags. Friendship, WI

Jimmy Niekula dominated the field of turbo sleds with his magic turbo cnc head z1.


KASRA Medway, ME 1/9

Mike Moulton won Stock 800 on the Goodhart Racing CFR 800, Stock 1000 on the Goodhart Racing CFR 1000, and Improved Stock 800 on the Goodhart Racing D&D powered CFR 800

MSDRS Waseca, MN


Glenn Hall was crowned "King of the Ice", winning the class with Jim Stanley's new Z1 turbo ice drag sled with cnc head and magic turbo. The sled ran 4.80's all day in 45 degree weather, winning in the final with a 4.83.

Kelly Shilts won Improved Stock 1000 with his crossfire 800

MSDRS Center City, MN

Kelly Shilts dominated improved stock 800 and improved stock 1000 with his D&D powered crossfire 800

Flying Eagle Ice Drags Iron River, WI

Jimmy Niekula won Mod open class with his cnc head, magic turbo z1. Glenn Hall won mod unlimited with Jim Skiver's new 1200 turbo crossfire.

NSSR Menomonie, WI

Kyle Shilts won the super stock twin class with a speed of 133.953 in the 1000ft. He then backed it up with a speed of 133.539 making this a new world record for the class. He was riding his nitrous assisted crossfire 1000 with D&D single pipe and ported cylinders.

St Germain Ice Drags 

Congratulations to Glenn Hall for winning the open class at the ice drags in St Germain, WI with Jim Stanley's new Z1 Turbo drag sled.


NSSR Annondale, MN

Mike Martin picked up where he left of last year, continuing his domination of the Super Twin Lake Racer class at the first NSSR race of 2011. He broke his own record with a 145.6 mph run on the 1000ft track on his 2009 z1 turbo with big turbo kit.


D&D racers ended the grass season with a bang at the 2010 Top Gun Shootout in at the Seneca Falls Supertrack in Seneca Falls, New York.

top gun jeff marks 2010.jpg

            Jeff Marks. Pro Stock 1000 on his new D&D powered 1000 Crossfire twin.    

top gun rodrique 2010.jpg


            Benard Rodrique. Improved Stock 800 on his new D&D powered 800 Crossfire.

top gun stock 2010.jpg

            Glenn Hall. Open Stock on Vince Muselini's 2011 CFR 800 tuned by John Garafalo. Glenn also managed #1 qualifying positions in Outlaw Power Adder with a track record pass of 3.891 sec at 136mph and King of the Trail on Justin Rock's new 1200 turbo Crossfire with a 4.19 sec run at 122mph. 

top gun kot 2010.jpg

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i0bATuXgn0U                                          http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uTM69S4MwMg



Glenn Hall wins the "Big Twin" class at the Amsnow Shootout in Martin. MI. on Billy Howard's stock turbo z1. This sled has completely stock turbo, intake, engine with only Hijacker to turn up the boost and muffler replaced with a straight pipe. Here are a couple of videos.




D&D racers had their best haydays ever with wins in five pro classes and #1 qualifiing position in two.

Bernard Rodrique won Open Mod 1000 on his D&D Crossfire 1000 twin.

Todd Drake won Pro Mod 800 with his D&D Crossfire 800 twin.

Aaron Casler won Pro Stock 700 with his D&D Firecat 700 twin.

Scott Moser won Improved Stock 800 with Goodhart Racing's new D&D powered Crossfire.

Glenn Hall won Stock 800 on Vince Musilini's 2011 CFR800, tuned by John Garafalo.

Kyle Shilts won Amature Open Improved on his D&D Crossfire 1000

Glenn took #1 qualifying position in the Outlaw Power Adder Class with a record 3.79 second pass on his Crossfire 1200 turbo.


Glenn also claimed #1 qualifying position in the King of the Trail class with a record 4.13 second pass on Joe Palmieri's Firecat 1200 turbo.

Check back for pictures.


NSRA Wausau, WI

Todd Drake claimed another Pro Stock 800 win with his D&D powered Crossfire at the "Wisconsin Cup" race in Wausau, WI.

Kelly Shilts won Stock 1000 on his cfr800 and Heavy Mod 1000 on his old D&D triple.



D&D driver, Scott Moser dominated the Ohio Snow Bash in Ohio, NY winning Stock 800 and Stock 1000 on his CFR800, Super Stock Twin 800 and 1000 on his D&D powered Improved stock CFR800, and NA Pro Stock 1000 on Jeff Marks' new D&D powered Pro Stock 1000 twin.

NSRA. Jesup, IA

Todd Drake wins Pro Stock 800 and Pro Mod 800 on his D&D powered crossfire.

NSRA Rochester, MN

Kelly Shilts had a great day at the NSRA race in Rochester, MN. He won Improved Stock 800 with his new D&D powered Crossfire 800 twin and Stock 1000 class with his stock cfr800.

NSRA Princeton, MN

Congratulations to Kelly Shilts for dominating the Stock 1000 class with his CFR 800. Also to Glenn Hall, taking the "Outlaw Open Top Speed" contest with the 1200 turbo Crossfire.

NSRA Race 1 - Wauconda, IL.

Congratulations to Todd Drake for his win over some big names in the Heavy Mod 800 class with his D&D 800 Crossfire.

2010 grass season underway!

D&D racers were out in force for the Syracuse Nationals grass drag at Syracuse, NY.

 Congratulations to Joe Palmari for his big win in the King of the Trail class. Piloted by Glenn Hall, the D&D 1200/Boondocker turbo combination dominated the competition, running the fastest time and speed ever recorded for a King of the Trail sled: 4.18 at 127.7mph on the 500ft track.

Aaron Cassler dominated the Factory Mod 1 class with his D&D powered Pro Stock 700 firecat.

Cory Reed and Jason Spooner finished 1-2 in the Improved Stock 800 class with their D&D powered Ski Doo's.

ESTA 2010

Congratulations to Jay Hayes for his total domination of the "All Motor Twin" class at the Pro Sled Shootout in cicero, NY. He was driving Stan Kondrotas' D&D 1200, tuned by Carey Lewis of Lewis Performance. After qualifying #1, he easily eliminated all competion for the win.ptm esta.jpg


Shad Free won Improved Stock 1000 and Improved King at the 2010 Jackson Hole World Championship Hillclimbs on his brother, Ty's D&D powered HCR 800. Also, congratulations to Russel Frisby  for his complete domination of the "dash for cash" on both Thursday and Saturday, riding Michael Sherwood's D&D 1200/ Boondocker turbo m1000.



Check out this early season testing with the outlaw grass sled


Here is some early asphalt testing with Mike Dotes new 1200 turbo


Congatulations to Kyle Shilts for his NSSR points victory in the "Super Twin Lake Racer" class with his nitrous assisted D&D f9ss. He now holds the class record at 126.55 mph.

kyle nssr.jpg

Congratulations to Jeff Sherlock for winning the open class at the Toggenburg Hillclimbs on Tony Kozlowski's D&D f12/ Boondocker turbo.


Tony Kozloski Sled.jpg

Congratulations to Dave "dead1dave" Craiglow for dominating the Brantling, NY hill drags, winning the trail mod 900 and 1000 classes with his 2010 cfr with D&D 901 kit.

d1d brantling.jpg

 Two in a row!

 Dave "dead1dave" Craiglow's cfr 901 dominates the improved 900 and 1000 class at the Swain hillclimb.


2010 Z1 TURBO EXT....D&D's  Z1 Turbo was the one to beat at the 4th Lake shootout taking 1st place and holding off some fast Yamaha Turbos


Congratulations to Mike Martin for setting a new world record for the "Super Twin Lakeracer 4 stroke" class at the NSSR race in Menomonie, WI. Stock Z1, set up for speed run with Hijacker, Barker, clutch kit, and gears went 130.5 mph in the 1000ft run, smashing the previous record of 122.3 held by a nitrous two stroke.

LAKE RACING /Playing/testing





Congratulations to Aaron Casler for his big win in the Prostock 800 class at the 2009 Top Gun Shootout in Hastings, MI. He was driving Todd Drake's new D&D 800 twin. Aaron qualified #1 with a 4.62 at 106 mph and stepped it up to a 4.60 in the final with a .468 reaction time.


Glenn Hall debuted D&D's 2009 outlaw 1200 turbo sled at this event. A 3.91 at 136 mph gained #1 qualifying position. The day ended with a dissappointing second place finish in the final. Look for some wins coming this winter, with a little more time on this sled.

photo credit: Picture it Digital Photography


Congrats to Scott Moser for his big wins in ProStock 1000 and Stock 1000 at Haydays.



Glenn Hall won Stock 800 using D&D's new Magna Force clutch weights.

hayday 09 gh 800.jpg

More details/pictures to come

Congratulations to Darrin Lane and Mike Moulton, of Goodheart Racing for their total domination of the NEGDS grass race in Casco, Maine.

700 Stock: 1st (03 f7)
800 Stock: 1st (2010 cfr 800)
Open Stock:1st (2009 cfr 1000)

700 Improved Stock: 1st (D&D f7)
800 Improved Stock: 1st (D&D f7)


Good times at Martin!

The amsnow Shootout in Martin Michigan produced spectacular times from some D&D racers.

Jason Iras' F12 turbo ran a 7.83 et, winning in the semi final round of the outlaw power adder competion on Saturday. This photo shows Jason's sled (near lane) in the losing 7.94 to 7.89 effort in the final.


Billy Howards stock Hijacked Z1 turbo ran a 9.00 et on Sunday. This is the fastest ever for a stock turbo z1.


Scott Moser collects second win in a row for the D&D Pro Stock 1000 Crossfire.


Proving Haydays was no fluke, Scott Moser also won Stock 800 and Stock 1000 aboard the new 2010 cfr800 at the Ohio, NY Sno Bash.


Congratulations to new driver, Todd Drake for his big win in Heavy Mod 1000 with his new D&D Pro Stock 800 at the NSRA Outlaw Nationals in Princeton, MN. Also, veteran driver Aaron Cassler piloted the sled to victory in the Pro Stock 800 class.


New 2010 CFR800 picks up first grass drag win

D&D racer, Glenn Hall won Stock 800 at the NSRA race in Princeton, MN.


Kelly Shilts wins top speed of the day at Princeton with his trusty D&D 1000 triple.


Scott Moser starts the '09 grass season with two wins at the Syracuse Nationals In Syracuse, NY. He piloted Jeff Marks' new Pro Stock 800 twin to victory in the very competitive Pro Stock 800 class and dominated the Stock 1000 class with Ron Goodhart's Crossfire R 1000.syracuseps800.jpg



Ten year old John Garofalo continues his domination of the Junior I class with another convincing win at the Syracuse race on his stock 370 Arctic Cat.


Photos courtesy of rescue photography. http://www.rescuephoto.com/

Big Bore Kits Yamaha Performance Polaris Performance Ski-Doo Performance Performance Pipes Yamaha Motorcycles Arctic Cat Performance
Star Motorcycles

Z1 race testing

Testing this weekend at Great Lakes Dragaway in Union Grove, WI. Race Z1 improved to 8.24 at 162 mph. Stay tuned as there is still a lot left.

For the second year in a row, Glenn Hall won the open power adder class at the Prosled Shootout in Cicero, NY. The Hijacker equiped, modified 2010 Z1 turbo ran 8.30's at over 150 mph on this, its first outing. Stay tuned for updates, as we expect faster times yet, as we start turning up the boost even more.




Ty Free over the top!tyfree.jpg

Pictured here, on his way to a third place finish in the Improved 1000 class at Jackson Hole. Ty just finished up the season with wins in both Improved 800 and Improved 1000 with his D&D powered Improved M8 at the Beaver Mountain RMSHA race. Ty also clinched the points championship for the Improved 1000 class for the 2009 season.

Congatulations to Ryan Knutson for winning Pro Stock 1000 and King of the Ice at the Minot 660 race in Minot, North Dakota. He was piloting Junior Parisien's Pro Stock 1000 with a D&D triple race motor.


Kelly Shilts wins Stock 1000 class at the 2009 World Series of ice in Gaylord, MI. He also won the Open Stock shootout, runing 6.25 at 104mph in 660ft with his Crossfire R.

Congratulations to Scott Kostman for his win in the Stock 1000 class at the NSSR event in Forest Lake, MN. Scott is racing an '09 Crossfire R 1000.

Ty Free gets his first win with his new D&D 800 motor

Ty Free from Bozeman Mt won Improved Stock 1000 at the RMSHA hillclimb at Bear Lake, near Montpelier, ID.

Flying Eagle Drags in iron River, WI

Congratulations to Scott Preim for his mod class win with his new D&D powered firecat.

Also Scott Sanders for winning the 700 class with his D&D trail port 700 firecat.

Glenn Halls Z1 turbo took the honors in the trail mod class.

Henricks racing/D&D/Proline/Boondocker Arctic Cat sets new speed record


Congratulations to Jack Henricks of Rhinelander, WI. His new turbocharged 1200 set top speed of the day at the NSSR event in Menomonie, WI going 170 mph in  the 1000ft run. This run was backed up with a 169 mph pass, making this a new world record!


Congatulations to Kelly Shilts for winning the Stock 1000 class at the first nssr speed run of the season in Buffalo, MN. with his 09 Crossfire R.

Cresco, Iowa ISDRA race

Aaron Cassler wins Improved Stock 700, 800, and 1000 on his D&D firecat. Aaron also won the "Top Stock" challenge on his '09 Crossfire R.

Marshalltown, Iowa ISDRA race

Aaron still ruling Iowa with wins in Improved 700 and 800 with the Firecat and Stock 1000 and "Top Stock" with the Crossfire R.

Terryville, CT

Congratulations to Ron Goodheart for wins in Stock 700, 800, and 1000 with his stock F7 and 700 Improved with his D&D powered improver.

D&D racers at Epping

Scott moser wins Pro Mod 1000 on his new D&D twin Pro Stocker.

Scott Moser wins Open Stock on the new Crossfire R.

Jason Spooner wins Improved 800 on his D&D powered ski doo.

Gary Ledderer wins Improved Stock 700 on his old D&D powered firecat.

Scott Moser wins 700 Stock on Ron Goodheart's F7

Jessica Meneely wins Improved Stock 500

Here is video of Scott Moser beating up on some Ski Doos with the new Crossfire R http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p7xA3cXuPSc


Tommy Brennan won the Friday night shootout and Heavy Mod 1000 on Saturday with his D&D Pro Stock 1000 at the Hastings 500 in Hastings, MI.

Congratulations to Ron Goodheart for a fantastic showing at the grass drags in Terryville, CT. He won Stock 700, Stock 800, and Stock 900 with his stock F7. He also won Improved Stock 700 and Pro Stock 700 on his D&D improved F7.

Congratulations to Will O'Hara for winning Open Stock with his new Crossfire R at the COSDRA race in Onsted, MI.

Jason Iras' F1200 turbo totally dominated the Amsnow Shootout in Martin, MI. Glenn Hall drove to wins in the Power Adder Twin and Open power adder classes. He capped off the weekend with back-to-back 7 second passes in the semi final and final rounds on Sunday.

The Twin class was all D&D with Adam Fricke driving the Jason Price (priceless performance) D&D 1000 Firecat to runner up in the final round against Glenn. The all two-stroke final of the Open class also found Adam in the final aboard his own 1500 ski doo.



Scott Kostman leads an all crossfire R final to his first win in Stock 1000 at the NSRA race in Wausau, WI.

D&D racers at Ohio, NY Snow Bash

Danniel Meneely wins North American Pro Stock 1000

Ron Goodheart wins stock 700

Scott Moser wins Stock 1000 on the new  Crossfire R

Scott Moser wins North American Improved 1000 on his firecat 1000


Micah Roes wins mod 120


NSRA Great Southern Nationals at Rochester, MN

Kelly Shilts wins Improved Stock 1000

NSRA at Jesup, IA

Kelly Shilts wins Pro Stock 1000 and Improved Stock 1000.

Bristol, VT NEGDS race.

Scott moser wins Stock 1000 on the new 09 crossfire R.

16 year old Mike Moulton,  wins Stock 700S at his first ever race on his f7 stocker.

Ron Goodheard wins Improved Stock 700 and Super Stock Twin 700 on his D&D firecat.

Scott also won Stock 700 and Stock 800 aboard Ron Goodheart's f7 stocker.

D&D racers at Haydays!

Tommy Brennan wins Pro Mod 1000 with his ZRT.

Austin Henricks wins Junior 2 with his 440 fan

Kyle Shilts wins Amature Improved Stock Open and king of the trail with his Crossfire.

Jack Henrick's Outlaw Pro Mod turbo wins "Best Engineered"

D&D racers start the grass season with a bang at the Princeton Outlaw nationals in Princeton, MN.

Saturday: Kelly Shilts wins Stock 1000 aboard his new Crossfire R and Heavy Mod 1000 on the ZRT. Aaron Cassler won Pro Stock 700 with his D&D firecat. Glenn Hall won Pro Stock 1000 riding Jack Henrick's new D&D firecat 1000 twin.

Sunday: Spectacular 1-2 finish in Stock 1000 with Glenn Hall taking the win and Kelly Shilts right behind on their new Crossfire R's. Kelly Shilts won Improved Stock 1000 with the old D&D triple. Aaron Cassler won Heavy Mod 700 with his D&D twin. Only a red light in the Pro Stock 700 final prevented a clean sweep for Aaron's Pro Stocker this weekend.

Congratulations to Berit Marie Eira for winning the Stock 800 class at the Euopean Championship race in Alaharma, Finland. She was piloting Geir Opgard's 2009 Crossfire R 800.




Jason Iras' f12 turbo wins its first asphalt competition. Glenn Hall piloted this 400+ horsepower machine to wins in both the twin and open power adder categories, setting a new ESTA track record of 8.26 along the way.



outlaw pro mod 012.JPG


First day of testing on 09 Crossfire R turbo. 3.90 sec at 136 mph in 500ft.


z1tar 006.JPG

First time out asphalt testing 09 Z1 turbo. Bone stock sled, except for muffler and boost/fuel control ran 9.65 at 137 mph. Stay tuned, as there is huge potential in this exciting new sled.

Update: with a little better traction and some fine tuning, went 9.32 at 138mph. Also made a pass at 9.41 at 141 mph.


Jason Iras picks up another tenth on the very next trip out. His D&D f1200/Boondocker turbo went 7.895 seconds in the 1/4 mile at rt 66 dragway in Joliet, Il.

jirt66 008.JPG



f12tar 002.JPGf12tpipe 003.JPGf12tpipe 004.JPGf12tpipe 005.JPG

Jason Iras' D&D f1200/boondocker turbo goes 7.991 at 166.95mph on its very first full 1/4 mile pass on the asphalt. We expect to go even faster, as the year progresses.

This is the first twin to break into the sevens.




Glenn Hall dominated the Spirit Mountain hill drags in Duluth, MN, winning the Pro Open class with his M1000, equiped with D&D 1200 top end kit and boondocker turbo kit.

Jason Stoviak's D&D 1200/Boondocker turbo Crossfire wins Pro Open class at WSA hill drags in Brainerd, MN.

Click here to view race

brainerd hill drag 006.JPG

World's fastest F1000!

Glenn Hall posted a speed of 151.5mph in 1000ft at the annual weinie roast speed run in Lake Namakagon, WI. This sled belongs to Michigan resident Jason Iras, and is equipped with D&D's 1200 kit and Boondocker turbo.


Ryan Knutsen "King of the Ice" once again.

Ryan Knutsen continues to rule western ice drags on Junior Parisien's D&D powered prostock 1000. At the Woodland Park annual ice drags in Devil's Lake, ND he won Pro Stock 1000, King of the Ice, and Open Mod 1000 with an amazing et of 5.082 sec in the final.

CAN AM Series. Minot, ND

Ryan Knutsen continues to dominate the CAN AM series winning Pro Stock 1000, Open Mod 1000, and King of the Ice aboard Junior Parisien's D&D powered pro stock 1000 zrt.

jr starting line.jpg

COSDRA snow drags. Kitchener, ON

Adam Gardner's F1000 continues its winning streak in the COSDRA snow drags with a win by new driver, Steven Henry in the "Run what you Brung" event at Kitchener.

Brainerd, MN MSDRS drag race

Kelly Shilts won Open Stock with his F1000 and Pro Stock 1000 with his D&D powered zrt.

Kelly Shilts Dominates Improved Stock 1000 at the World Series

Congratulations to Kelly Shilts, winning Improved Stock 1000 at the 2008 World Series of drags, in Gaylord, Mi. Kelly set a new world record et of 5.53 sec on his way the the win in the final with a 5.56 et.

 kelly ws08.jpg



Ryan Knutson dominates Can Am Challenge

Ryan Knutson won Pro Stock 1000, Heavy Mod 1000, Open Mod 1000, and King of the Ice at the Can-Am Challenge in Welwyn, Saskatchewan. All these wins came aboard Junior Parisien's defending world champion, D&D powered Pro Stock 1000.

COSDRA amature snow drags. Listowel,  ON. 

Congratulations to Denis Sanders for his wins in Improved Stock 1000 and King of the Trail aboard Adam Gardner's D&D lakerace ported twin pipe F1000.

F1000 wins CMSA speed run

D&D racer Kelly Shilts won Stock 1000 at the CMSA speed run competion in Forest Lake, MN with a speed of 116.52 mph in 1000ft.

D&D racers at Epping, NH:

Scott Allen wins Improved Stock 700 with his D&D powered firecat

Scott Moser is on a roll with the D&D project Jaguar, following up his big win at Ohio, NY with the win at Epping.

Korey Reed wins stock 800 with his new XP ski doo.

Jason Spooner wins Improved Stock 800 twin with his D&D powered rev.


D&D Old Forge Adirondack Shootout 2007

Mountain Motor Class (1200cc and 1000cc power adder):

Best MPH:

D&D F1200 twin pipe  8.77 sec at 112.50 MPH

Best Bang for the Buck best performance for lowest cost:

D&D F1200 twin pipes, @ $2950

Medium Displacement Class (1000cc)

Best ET

: D&D F1000 trailport, twin pipes 8.912 Sec

Best MPH: D&D F1000 trailport, twin pipes 109.49 MPH

Best Bang for the Buck best performance for lowest cost:

D&D F1000 Y pipe only $450 including clutch kit [9 mph better than stock at 1000’]

“Small” Displacement Class (800cc or close)

Best ET

: D&D F8 trailport, twin pipes 9.053 Sec

Best MPH : D&D F8 trailport, twin pipes 105.88 MPH

Lakeracer class (race fuel 660ft)

Best ET

:D&D 1200 turbo 5.93 sec

Best MPH

: D&D 1200 turbo 123.27 mph in 660ft



Hastings 500, Hastings, MI

Congratulations to Scott Kostman, for his first Pro class win in Stock 800 with his F7. He has made amazing progress, in just one short season.

Glenn Hall dominated King of the Trail class with the D&D 1200 turbo Crossfire, setting a new class record of 4.34 sec at 120 mph in 500ft.

New driver, Ian Hamilton continued the winning streak for the D&D Jaguar, beating out some very tough competion.


Kelly Shilts won Stock 1000 with his F1000.

Tommy Brennan won Factory Mod II with his D&D Prostock 1000 triple.


Amsnow Shootout - Big Twin Shootout

Congratulations to Adam Fricke for winning the Big Twin shootout in Martin, MI with Tom Murphy's D&D f10 firecat.

D&D racers qualified #s 1 and 2 . Jason Price Qualified #1 with a 8.73 at 151mph on his D&D 1200 twin firecat. Adam Qualified #2 with a 8.85 at 145mph and went on for the win. These were the only twins to run in the 8's at this event.

D&D Racers weekend of  30 October

Multiple wins continue for D&D racers every weekend.


Wausau, WI

Kelly Shilts and Troy Jahraus finish first and second in Prostock 1000

Aaron Cassler wins Prostock 700

Scott Kostman wins Semi Pro Stock 700, 800, and Open


Kasoag Lake, NY

Danielle Meneely wins Prostock 700 and Prostock 1000

Jessica Meneely wins Stock 440

Jeff Burham wins Amature Stock 700, 800, and Open

Jessica Kirk wins Junior Novice I and IV


Ohio Sno Bash

With the grass season now in full swing, D&D racers continue to demonstrate their superiority.

 Danielle Meneely wins Prostock 700 and Promod 700 with her new D&D powered sled.

 Scott Moser wins Improved Stock 700 aboard Scott Allen's D&D powered firecat.

 Scott moser wins Improved Stock 1000 on his D&D F10 firecat.

 Scott Moser wins Improved Stock 500 on the latest project Jag 4 stroke.

 Jason Spooner with his first win aboard the new D&D powered ski doo rev in Super Stock Twin 800

 Young Jessica Kirk wins 370 and 440 fan classes.

 Tom Dancer won amature Super Stock Twin 800 with his new D&D powered diamond drive crossfire.

 Also Jeff Burnham, with amature class wins in 700 and 800 stock classes.


NSRA Great Southern National at Rochester, MN

Kelly Shilts: Pro Stock 1000(zrt), Improved Stock 1000(zrt), Stock 1000(07 f1000)

Aaron Cassler: Pro Stock 700 (firecat)

Brian Bock: Semi Pro 1000 (firecat)

Scott Kostman: Semi Pro 800 (firecat)


WSA 500 at Jesup, Iowa

Congratulations to Arron Cassler for his Factory Mod Shootout victory, aboard his new D&D Prostock 700 firecat.

Kelly Shilts wins Improved stock 1000 with his trusty old D&D triple.

Kelly shilts dominated the stock sleds with wins in Stock 1000 and Open Stock Shootout aboard his F1000.

Scott Kostman won semi pro high points with wins in 700 and 1000 classes on his F7.

Welcome to the new board. We will post race results and photos if emailed to ddpower@yahoo.com.

Here at D&D, we pride ourselves on proving the performance of our products at the races.
September 2007 Hay Days Race Results -  For the third year in a row, Scott Moser wins improved stock 700 on Scott Allen's D&D powered firecat. The same D&D 1200/Boondocker turbo that has been dominating the asphalt wins King of the Trail. This sled, owned by Jason Stoviak and driven by Glenn Hall also won the "best engineered" award at Haydays, this year. Jessica Kirk 1st  -  440 F- Congratulations!  2007_0925Image0095.JPG             
Updated Asphalt Runs  - D&D 1200/Boondocker Turbo, Best Run to Date - Glenn Hall 8.34 and 161mph                                                                                                                            milan.jpg

D&D 1200 RUNS 8.56 at 158
Friday, April 13, 2007


D&D F12 with Boondocker Nitrous First Twin in the Eights
Sunday, March 25, 2007

D&D F12 runs 8.90s in the 1/4 mile on asphalt. This is the first twin cylinder snowmobile to break into the eights.

D&D Racers at the ISR World Series at Sault Ste Marie, Ontario
Tommy Brennan wins Pro Stock 1000, Heavy Mod 1000, and Pro Stock 600 at MSSDIR race in Pulaski, MI.

Tommy Brennan

Congratulations to Tommy Brennan for winning the highly competitive Pro Stock 1000 class on Junior Parisian's beautiful D&D powered sled. He also won Factory Mod II on the same sled. Kelly Shilts won Factory Mod I on his D&D powered improved stock 1000 sled. Kelly also won Stock 1000 and the open stock shootout on his new F1000. Jeff Ratzlaff won improved stock 800 on his D&D powered zrt.


Kelly Shilts Cleans Up in Brainerd, MN
Saturday, January 20, 2007

Kelly Shilts

Kelly and his team won every class they entered. 1st Pro Stock 1000 with a fast E.T of 5.37. 1st 1000 Imp with a 5.68 and 1st with the new F1000 stocker with a great E.T of 6.11.


Friday, January 12, 2007

We’ve been saying it for awhile. Now the results prove it.

The Arctic Cat F1000 is one fast machine. It beat the snow pants off the rest of the competition at the Snow Week/DynoTech Research Shootout in Woodgate, N.Y. on Dec. 8.

Ripping a quarter mile in 11.772 seconds at 105.38 mph, the F1000 claimed the in-class Stock Open title. This high-speed performance took down the speed record set in 2005 by Yamaha.

The F1000 also posted 166.7 HP at 7200 rpm on the DynoTech. Now that’s
some major green horsepower.


Brand/Model Elapsed Time (Seconds) MPH
Arctic Cat F1000 Sno Pro 11.772 105.38
Yamaha Apex RTX ER 12.182 102.27
Ski-Doo Mach Z 12.673 95.54

Arctic Cat F1000

Snow Week Shootout - D&D Trail Mods Dominate Again.

D&D F1000 trail port/single pipe combo beat competitors trail port single pipe combos by two tenths, running 8.80 sec at 107 in 1000 ft.

D&D F8 trail port/single pipe combo also beat competitors' F1000s, with a 9.00 second run.
Billy Howard's D&D crossfire 1200/Boondocker nitrous combo stole the show with a 6.1 @108 in 660 ft. (top et of event).

Powersled Racing Organization Year End Points

Danielle Meneely dominates the circuit with year end points wins in Stock 700, 800, and 1000. Pro Stock 800 and 1000. Also overall points winner for Stock and Pro Stock.

Jessica Meneely won Stock 900.
Jessica Kirk won Junior novice.
Dalton Pardee won Junior I.
Great job by the D&D racers at Blackjack racing.

Gary Lederer Wins Points with D&D 700 Improved Stock.

Congratulations to Gary Lederer for winning year end point championships in both Powersled Racing Organization (pro) and Northeast Grass Drag Series (negds) improved stock 700 categories.

Epping NH./Lancaster MA. Grass Drags
Thursday, October 19, 2006

Scoot Allen with his D&D F7 IMP takes 1st in 700 IMP, 700ss Twin, 800ss Twin. He also place 1st with his Stock F-7. Great job Scott!

D&D Racers at Hastings, MI

Improved stock 1000: Kelly Shilts, D&D 1000 triple.
Stock 1000: Billy Howard Saturday, Kelly Shilts Sunday. 07 F1000s.
Stock 700: Billy Howard, F7.
Stock 800: Korey Reed Saturday, rev800. Billy Howard Sunday, F7.
Factory Mod: Tommy Brennan. D&D pro stock 1000 triple.
Stock high points: Billy Howard

View Photos in our Gallery

NSRA Great Southern Grass Drag National By Rochester, MN

Kelly Shilts wins Stock 1000 aboard his new F1000.
Improved stock 1000 with his D&D triple.
Stock 700 with his F7.

Troy Jahraus wins Pro Stock 1000 with his D&D/Proline zrt triple.

Aaron Martin wins semi-pro 1000 with his F7.

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Seneca Falls, NY State Championship Drag Race

Billy Howard 1st Stock 1000 with his new 2007 F1000.
Billy Howard 1st Improved stock 500 with his D&D powered 440 sno pro.
Billy Howard 1st Improved stock 600 with his D&D powered F6.
Danielle Meneely 1st Stock 700 with her F7.
Danielle Meneely 1st Pro Stock 800 with her D&D powered F8.
Jeremy Hutton 1st Improved stock 700 with his D&D powered F7.

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Grayslake, IL Grass Drags

Kelly Shilts take 1st in Stock 1000 with his new 2007 F1000.
1st-Improved stock 1000 D&D Powered ZRT .
1st-Pro stock 1000 D&D Powered ZRT.
1st-Heavy mod 1000 D&D Powered ZRT.

D&D Racers Clean House at the Ohio Sno-Bash

Scott Moser won Stock 1000 with his new 2007 Arctic Cat F1000. Also winning super stock twin 1000,improved stock 1000 and N/A 1000IMP with his D&D F10 Twin Powered Firecat.Scooter also took 1st in 700 twin and 800 twin.

Danielle Meneely won Stock 700 and Stock 900, with her f7. Also Pro Stock 800 with her D&D f8.

Billy Howard won Improved stock 440 and 500, and super stock twin 600 with his D&D powered firecats.

Scott Allen won Improved Stock 700 and 800 with his D&D powered f7.

D&D Racers at Jesup, IA Drags

Kelly Shilts wins Stock 1000 with his new 2007 Arctic-Cat F1000. Also wins in Stock 700 with his trusty F7, 1st-Pro stock 1000, 1st-heavy mod 1000, and 1st-Improved stock 1000 with his D&D triples.

Also, congratulations to Arron Cassler for his first win on his D&D improved 700 firecat in the improved 800 class.

D&D Racers at Hay Days

Congratulations to Scott (scooter) Moser for winning improved stock 700 for the second year in a row with his D&D powered f7.

Glenn Hall and Kelly Shilts finished 1, 2 in stock 1000 with their new 07 f1000's. Kelly receives the $500 D&D contingency check, as Glenn is a D&D employee, not eligible for the prize.
More details/pictures to come.

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Jamie Edwards Collects First D&D Contingency Check

Congratulations to Jamie Edwards of Double Trouble racing, winning stock 1000 class at Princeton, MN on Saturday. Sunday's races were canceled, due to technical problems, so money was paid based on Saturday's results.

Kelly Shilts wins Stock 1000 at the first msdra drag race of the season at Center City, MN.
Congrtulations to Justin Rock for his big win at the Laurel Highlands Snowmobile Club race near Somerset, PA.  He is riding his new crossfire 1200 turbo.  Here is a video from that that race.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=74Z38EPymwA

Congratulations to Benard Rodrique for his win in NA Pro Stock 1000 at Epping, NH with his new D&D Pro Stock 1000 twin.

Goodhart Racing  took Stock 700 with the F7.

 Two in a row!

 Dave "dead1dave" Craiglow's cfr 901 dominates the improved 900 and 1000 class at the Swain hillclimb.


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